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Indonesia Adventures

Join us on our unforgettable Indonesia tours, packed with all your top Indonesia bucket list experiences!

Travel the real Indonesia

Stroll around Indonesia’s cities. Trek the depths of the jungle in search of even more orangutans. Relax on Bali’s beaches. Our passionate adventure leaders take you off-the-beaten-track during our unforgettable two week backpacking, adventure tour of Indonesia. Immerse yourself in the country’s rich history and culture as you visit temples, mosques, rice terraces and local hangouts. Conquer the natural wonder of Mount Bromo. Snorkel through Bali’s crystal-clear waters. Finally visit the majestic Komodo dragons. Surround yourself with stunning sunsets and delve into Indonesia’s nightlife as you party on the beach. It will feel like you never will never want to return home.

Indonesia is a destination like no other and nobody goes home disappointed. Have any questions? Ask us about our tours and making bookings with us directly via emailphone or WhatsApp!

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