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Tokyo Solo Group Tours

Join us on our unforgettable Tokyo group tours, packed with all your top bucket list experiences!

Tokyo Group Tours

Tokyo tours for solo travellers have often been an alluring prospect for adventurers who want to submerge themselves in a totally new culture. The Japanese capital brings the best of traditional customs and values together with towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, and an exciting futuristic feel.

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13-day Budget Japan Tour



13 Days
Tokyo Loop
Every day on our epic 2 week Japan tour you’ll see a different side to this fascinating country.
Japan Plus Culture Tour

11-day Japan Plus Culture Tour



11 Days
Tokyo to Osaka
Discover the likes of Tokyo, Hakone & Kyoto in style, with our 11-day Japan Plus Culture Tour.
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Japan and South Korea 24-Day Tour Package


Japan & South Korea

24 Days
Seoul to Osaka
Travel through the epic sites and hidden gems of South Korea and explore Japan’s rich culture and natural beauty.
A top destination for Japan in 2023 is Tokyo

7-Day Japan Anime Tour



7 Days
Immerse yourself in one of the most iconic aspects of Japanese culture: anime!
View of Kyoto, a top destination for Japan in 2023

11-Day Premium Japan Group Tour



11 Days
Tokyo to Osaka
This 11-Day Japan Premium Tour gives you the chance to experience the culture in real style!
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12-Day Japan Family Adventure Tour



12 Days
Tokyo to Kyoto
Impress your family with our 12-day Japan adventure tour; taking you to Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka.

About our Tokyo Group Tours

Travelling Sustainably

The Japanese are well known for not littering, and that’s something we ask you abide by – but that’s not where ‘sustainable travel’ ends for us. We use public transport, stay in small hostels and ensure we work closely with the local communities.

The Adventure Leaders

Your Japan guide will be a local expert, leading you through fascinating, budget friendly, authentic experiences. Adventure Leaders have the passion and knowledge to ensure that they can help you have a great time.

The People

Each trip is different, but our travelers come from all over the world and from every background. Before your Japan group trip why not connect with fellow Dragon Trippers or meet people on The Dragon Trip Facebook page.

Reviews of our Tokyo Trips

Average Customer Rating:  4.7/5  

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13-Day Budget Japan Tour

This was my first big trip on my own, as well as the first time I went to Asia. The 13 day Japan tour that Dragon Trip offer is a brilliant introduction to the weird and wacky, as well as the more traditional side. Everything was brilliantly planned, with time to plan slight detours inbetween.


13-Day Budget Japan Tour

The best trip I’ve ever booked! The group was just amazing and the guide was the nicest and most informed one I’ve ever met (thanks, Juno – you’ve made this trip special).

Kevin, Hamburg

13-day Budget Japan Tour

Chipa made our trip so much fun, he gave so much inside informations and helped us in every situation. He also helped us to find vegetarian options and vegetarian restaurants which can be a bit tricky sometimes. We got to see so much during this trip and tried so much different activities that we probably would have never tried otherwise.


13-Day Budget Japan Tour

I really enjoyed the trip. I visited really nice places, the rest of the group were amazing fun to be around, and the tour guide was amazing at ensuring we were always on time…


Travel Tokyo

Tokyo is a sprawling city that combines past and future. Neon signs, skyscrapers, and robots sit next to the very best of traditional Japan – shrines and temples, beautiful gardens and parks, and a respect for the customs of old.

A city of this size has an endless list of things to do that caters to all tastes and all budgets, which is exactly why you should visit Tokyo!

Tokyo is home to beautiful cultural landmarks, historical neighbourhoods, countless world-class shopping districts like Harajuku and Shibuya, and a powerful sense of otaku culture for you to explore. Many visitors to Japan do so to enjoy anime and manga firsthand –  and embarking on a Tokyo group tour ensures you visit the very best destinations.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your adventure!

About our Tokyo Group Solo Tours

  • Shinjuku: As one of Tokyo’s most exciting districts, Shinjuku has a range of fun activities to see and do. The numerous restaurants, bars, and shops, with something to suit everyone. Shinjuku’s Gyoen Park is also a non-negotiable visit, and there’s no better way to observe the cityscape than from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
  • Sensoji Temple in Asakusa: The oldest temple in Japan, Sensoji is an invaluable site for educating yourself on Buddhism. Find out your fortune, and explore some of the most sacred spaces in the country.
  • Akihabara: Explore the electric town of Akihabara, where – outside of limited-edition anime figurines and iconic manga – you can get lost in the games arcades in the massive Sega Tower. Try one of the popular gashapon machines whilst you’re there!
  • Nakano Broadway and Harajuku District: The Harajuku district is famous for adorable and innovative fashion trends. But for those who are looking to dive into a greater treasure trove of collectible anime, manga and action figures, Nakano Broadway should be the next stop! You will also be able to purchase one-of-a-kind retro items at this sprawling shopping complex.
  • Ikebukuro: Take a whirl round the Sunshine City mall in Ikebukuro, a bright and beautiful building that surrounds Sunshine 60 – Ikebukuro’s tallest building. Visit a great on-site aquarium and planetarium, alongside the vast range of luxury and affordable stores.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably still overflowing with questions about our Tokyo group tours. View below for extra FAQs or drop our Adventure Specialists an email on


  • What’s the best time to visit Tokyo?

Though it’s by far and away the busiest time to do so, visiting during the springtime at least once is advised to make the most of sakura season. Autumn also brings with it a beautiful turning of the leaves, along with a comfortable temperature that’s perfect for sightseeing.

  • Is a group tour to Tokyo worthwhile?

If you would like to focus on enjoying Tokyo rather than worrying about planning and accommodation, a Tokyo group tour is absolutely worthwhile. Our team at The Dragon Trip personally oversees everything – from arranging accommodation to a dedicated local guide.

  • When does the cherry blossom season start in Japan?

Cherry blossom – sakura – season runs between March and May.

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