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KOMOREBI :: Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees. The interplay between the light and the leaves. 🍃
When I first came across this Japanese word, I couldn’t help but think of this photo. Even though the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is extremely popular & crowded, all you have to do is look up to see the sun streaming through the dense bamboo leaves and feel at awe with nature. 😌✨
In general, Kyoto & nearby Arashiyama is quite touristy, but there’s still a magical, timeless quality that has me coming back here again and again.
Special thanks to thedragontrip for taking us around Kyoto by bike (which, btw, I now think is one of the best ways to see Kyoto!) and exploring new hidden gems. 💎More to come in stories!
In the meantime, they are having an amazing Black Friday sale on some of their most popular tours (including this Japan trip!) Follow the link in my bio to learn more & use my code ‘witandfolly/TDT19’, or feel free to DM me if you have any specific questions about the tours😊
13 day Japan tour with thedragontrip #thedragontrip #dragonshoots19 #WAFxJapan
📷: tom.shu with my edit

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This wonderland of colour is Dōtonburi, Osaka 🌃 Osaka's food obsession is known as 'kuidaore' meaning 'eat till you drop' and Dōtonburi is where it's at! 😍 ...

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Did you think that The Great Wall of China is called ‘Great’ because of its size? I did.🇨🇳
It’s true that the wall is the longest man made structure in the world but that’s not the reason.😯
It’s called the ‘Great Wall’ because it was built with Sweat & Tears. Many people died doing back breaking work to build this wall to protect China from the North with their bodies buried under the wall too. It was built by Soliders to start, then prisoners but they still needed more help so families with 2 males in their family had to send 1 to help build it, crazy right?!🤭
So it’s called the Great Wall because of what was endured to build it, as well as it’s size.❤️
And naturally whilst sitting outside our tents at night in the dark we did have a conversation about the ghosts and spirits that must roam the wall...👻

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My gorgeous travel buddie Amanda, who stars in series 1 with me, is getting married today! I however, can’t be there as I’ve been struck down with the flu lurgy! 🤒🤢

So I just wanted to wish her and Luke, all the love and happiness in the world on this magical day and thank her so much for being such a great travel companion and putting up with me sticking a camera in her face all the time!
a_little_1 lukearmstrong1 •
#china #thedragontrip #bamboorafting #travelbuddy #alwayssinging #riverlife

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The Money Shot!
#yangshuo #china #thedragontrip #dragonsontour #avatarmountains #themoneyshot

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Just chillin by the river in #fujian which is the famous tea growing area of #china
#easylikesundaymorning #thedragontrip #tourlife #ruralchina #tranquility

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#wanderlustwednesday #thegreatwall of #china - just look at it.... enough said!
#epic #unrestored #thedragontrip #bigwall

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#mondaymotivation Pick somewhere you never thought of going and just book it! I spent a month in #china last year with #thedragontrip and it was epic! Loved every minute of it! (Except maybe the toilets 🤣🤣) #newfriends #dragonsontour #getoutofyourcomfortzone #dreambig ...

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#china totally blew me away with it's beauty and #camping over night at an #unrestored part of the #greatwallofchina was an #unforgettable experience, watching the #sunrise was just breathtaking 😍 #thedragontrip ...

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#throwbackthursday to #hongkong - just about to start pulling footage for the final episode of my series - #china
#thedragontrip #dragonsontour #cablecar #cityviews

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Currently editing the intro to my new YouTube backpacking series - all of my #greatwallofchina footage is just amazing, I was so lucky to get to see this #unrestored part instead of being rammed in with all the tourists!
#china #thedragontrip #windowtotheworld #offpiste #epicview

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#traveltiptuesday #china wasn't even high up on my bucket list but it totally blew me away - the scenery is like something out of a movie 🎥 (probably why I liked it so much) #filmgeek
#avatarmountains #dowhatyoucant #thedragontrip #yesyoucan

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