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Hong Kong Group Tours

Though Hong Kong’s global reputation is one of modernity and technological innovation, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Travelling to Hong Kong is a serious no-brainer – particularly when there is massive potential for a great Hong Kong solo group travel itinerary. If there’s one thing that Hong Kong guarantees, it’s that there will always be something about this enchanting destination to occupy you.

The Great Wall of China on China tours

26-day China Loop



26 Days
Hong Kong Loop
Explore the tropical south, rural west, historic north and the flourishing east, in one of the best-value backpacking China tours.

17-day Hong Kong to Beijing Tour



17 Days
Hong Kong to Beijing
An exciting adventure - taking you from bustling Hong Kong to historic Beijing!
Panda volunteering China

9-Day Hong Kong to Chengdu Group Tour



9 Days
Hong Kong to Chengdu
This mini-Dragon-Trip is perfect for anyone short on time who wants to see as much as they can of China.

About our Hong Kong Group Tours

Travelling Sustainably

The Japanese are well known for not littering, and that’s something we ask you abide by all over Asia – but that’s not where ‘sustainable travel’ ends for us. We use public transport, stay in small hostels and ensure we work closely with the local communities.

The Adventure Leaders

Your Hong Kong guide will be a local expert, leading you through fascinating, budget friendly, authentic experiences. Adventure Leaders have the passion and knowledge to ensure that they can help you have a great time.

The People

Each trip is different, but our travelers come from all over the world and from every background. Before your Hong Kong group trip, why not connect with fellow Dragon Trippers or meet people on The Dragon Trip Facebook page?

Reviews of our Hong Kong Trips

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25-Day China Loop

I thoroughly enjoyed the 25-day China loop offered by The Dragon Trip. It is one of the most extensive trips currently being offered and it truly covers everything you want and need to see in China…


15-Day Hong Kong to Beijing Tour

The Dragon Trip is a fantastic trip which is very well organised. Compared to similar trips by other tour companies which I researched, it seems to offer the best value for money. The company dealt with all of my questions and queries ahead of the trip very fast and efficiently…

Trusted Customer

25-Day China Loop

Exceptional tour. Covers all the major highlights in every city and more. Professional guides at each destination. Superbly organized and run. Would recommend to anyone wanting to see the real china off the beaten track.


25-Day China Loop

I have had a fantastic time on the dragon tour! The experience overall has been amazing, with a top quality service. I would highly recommend it to all.

Trusted Customer

Travel Hong Kong

Visiting Hong Kong means discovering one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. You’ll be able to see how Eastern and Western cultures have fused together in a rousing combination of traditional architecture and modern innovation.

Not only does Hong Kong stand as one of Earth’s most thriving financial hubs, but it is also a culinary giant, and the backdrop for a number of famous movie. It also – perhaps most impressively – fits a staggering population of over seven million into a remarkably compact space.

There are many reasons why you should visit Hong Kong on a group tour. Dive into this historical, progressive, and culturally rich city, and leave with unforgettable memories. It forms the foundation of so many trips to China, including our  9-day China tour from Hong Kong to Chengdu.

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About our Hong Kong Group Solo Tours

  • Victoria Peak: See the most famous views in the world for yourself at Victoria Peak, a true destination highlight of Hong Kong. With stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong’s ultra-modern skyline, alongside the peaceful Victoria Harbour and the surrounding islands, this vantage point gives you a new perspective on Hong Kong, and a fresh appreciation of the mountainous landscape that surrounds the busy metropolis.
  • Tsim Sha Tsui: A bright and iconic district in Hong Kong, close to Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui is well worth a visit. It has some of the best museums in Hong Kong, dozens of duty-free shops and impressive skyscraper malls, and – perhaps most interestingly – a sweet Star Ferry boat ride. You can travel around the harbour and unwind away from all the hustle and bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui’s busy streets and gorgeous promenade; keep an eye out for the crystalline sea, mountains, and that irreplaceable skyline.
  • Man Mo Temple: Don’t leave Man Mo Temple off your Hong Kong solo itinerary! Built in 1893 to mark the founding of Tai Wo Shi (now Tai Po Market), the intricate, beautifully constructed Man Mo Temple rightfully exists as a declared monument in Hong Kong. Decorated with red and gold, the atmosphere feels spiritual and sacred. Visitors always leave Man Mo feeling changed or renewed!
  • Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden: Two interconnected attractions in Diamond Hill, Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden are serene, traditional, and wonderfully landscaped gardens amidst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Here, you can embrace nature in the midst of innovation – particular highlights include the golden pagoda and the sparkling lake.

Recommending it to any intrepid travellers is Hong Kong’s unique and mouthwatering cuisine. For adventurers of every appetite, there is a range of Cantonese, international, and delicious fusion dishes available at each corner – from the most fancy Michelin-star restaurants to heartwarming stalls and food markets.

Do I need a visa to travel to Hong Kong?

Whether you will require a visa to travel to Hong Kong will depend on your nationality and the length of your stay. Citizens of around 170 countries can visit Hong Kong without a visa for varying periods up to 180 days. If your passport does not qualify you for visa-free entry, a Visit Visa can be applied for via the post or at your closest Chinese consulate.



If you’re reading this, you’re probably still overflowing with questions about our Hong Kong group tours. View below for extra FAQs or drop our Adventure Specialists an email on info@thedragontrip.com.


  • When is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

For warm, dry weather,  the best time to visit Hong Kong is between October and December. Generally, the autumn period has the most comfortable temperatures and is less hectic for visitors. January to April brings warm weather as well, but it can be prone to change.

  • What is the weather like in Hong Kong?

The weather in Hong Kong depends on the season. Summer is generally hot and humid, and typhoons are an occasional risk. Winters are cold and brisk, though reasonably sunny. Spring and autumn are sunny and dry! Snowfall is very rare, although extreme rainfall is common.

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