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We are The Dragon Trip

Here at the Dragon Trip, we’re about one thing:
expanding minds through transformative travel experiences.

For us,
it’s about being open-minded, meeting new people and sharing genuine experiences with them, and living life like a local. Everything we do – from researching trips to running them – aims to give our ‘Dragons’ an authentic taste of the places we explore.
We’re also about creating unmissable, incredible moments that inspire a passion for a travel to last a lifetime – from camping under the stars on the Great Wall of China to taking cooking classes in Nepal. At its heart, a Dragon Trip is lovingly curated for passionate travellers by passionate travellers. 

We hold some core values which run through everything we do: 

  • To unite global citizens through meaningful adventures 
  • To show travellers a real slice of life, through researched – and safe – trips 
  • To support the local communities we visit through sustainable, ethical travel  
  • To remain a dynamic, diverse, and solution-orientated force for good, encouraging trust and growth 

Our History:

Within our first 5 years as a company, we welcomed over 4000 people on lifechanging adventures across Asia – and we’ve been growing ever since. After beginning with our China tours, we’ve now expanded to almost 15 countries across Asia, including Japan, Korea, and India. Our tours consist of budget backpacking tours, family adventures, and premium trips, but they all share one aim – to deliver on our promise of authentic, thoughtful, unforgettable travel.  

We’ve seen hundreds of five-star reviews, birthdays, engagements, and been featured in media far and wide. With over 40 members of staff across the world – including offices in London, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai and Boston – we’re proud to have a team who all share our Dragons’ love of travel.  

What makes a Dragon Trip different?

There’s so much we think makes our tours amazing – from the people to the places, the food to the fun. But when we build a Dragon Trip, these are the most important things to us.

Dragon Moments:

For us, these are the things that make your tour a Dragon Trip. The ‘oh wow’ moments, the lifetime-lasting memories. From camping on the Great Wall of China and waking up to see the sunrise, to a Q&A session with a North Korean defector at the DMZ – we build our tours around these highlights. You might visit your Adventure Leader’s home village in Southeast Asia, take a meditation class in a Buddhist temple in Japan, or camp overnight in the Thar desert in India.

Unmissable Attractions:

In every place you visit with the Dragon Trip, in every country we tour to, our travellers are sure to see some truly incredible sights everywhere they go – because we make sure of it. You can visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise, see giant pandas at the Rehabilitation & Breeding Center in Chengdu, cycle around beautiful Kyoto, and visit Angkor Wat – the largest religious monument on the planet. Wherever you are, we make sure that there’s always something exciting to see.

Evening Adventures:

The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down on a Dragon Trip, because we know that every second counts. If you want to, you can head to bed – or, you can join us as we swim with bioluminescent plankton in Cambodia, take an evening boat tour in Busan, visit a Sikh temple at night in India, or hike with guides from the Indonesian Herpetofauna Foundation under the cover of darkness. There’s plenty of fun to be had with all the nightlife that our amazing destinations have to offer – along with some truly unforgettable travel experiences. 

Amazing People:

Our tours are filled with truly wonderful people – our Dragons included. Our Adventure Leaders are insiders in their communities, who all share a passion for sharing their culture with our travellers. We’re dedicated to creating inclusive environments on all of our trips, and that begins with the people who lead them. In addition to our Leaders, you’ll also meet local legends like Major Ram in Nepal, Copy of the Karen Hilltribe in Chiang Mai, Nathan in Indonesia – who’ll take you hiking at night – and Mr Liu in Fujian. 

Foodie Experiences:

If there’s one thing worth travelling for, it’s the food. When you take a Dragon Trip, we’re committed to showing you all the amazing cultural cuisines and dishes that our destinations have to offer. From bustling night markets in Thailand to a Korean BBQ on Jeju Island, there will always be something new for you to try. And if you decide you’d like a go yourself? Try momo-making in Nepal, sushi-making in Japan, or a traditional cookery class in Yangshuo, China. 

Helping Communities:

As part of our commitment to travelling responsibly, we take care to ensure we’re doing as much as we possibly can to help the local communities we visit. We book accommodation, transport, and activities direct with local businesses wherever we can, and the majority of our tour guide team are locals too. In addition, our Adventure Leaders have all the best recommendations for food and drink – meaning that you’ll be spending your money in the best places possible. 

Local Knowledge:

Our first-hand knowledge doesn’t just start with our Adventure Leaders, either. Our tours are curated by the Dragon Trip’s team of in-country experts, who plan everything from the journeys to the highlights. This means that your trip comes complete with the best route, great accommodation options, and unmissable moments that have been hand-selected by the people who know them best. 

Safety First:

It’s our MO to make sure that whatever happens, our travellers are as supported as possible. We’ve got a strong safety record, rigorous processes, and lots of Plan Bs – so, if things don’t go as planned, we can help out. We’ve got a brilliant Ops team and a 24-hour emergency line, just to make sure that we can assist wherever possible. 

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