Ethical, Sustainable & Responsible Travel at The Dragon Trip

Travelling Responsibly

Here at The Dragon Trip, we are committed to making sure our adventures and group tours are not only excellent for our Dragons but for the places we visit too.

What responsible travel means to us

There are many ways we can all make a positive impact and be a force for good. As a business, we wanted to make sure our goals aligned with the protection of the places and people that make our adventures and group tours so unique which is why we are focussing our efforts on the local people and businesses we support.

Why we care

Did you know that the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) states that for the average holiday, for every $100 spent by a tourist, only $5 stays within the local community? This is truly shocking and can’t carry on.

We believe that the more money we give to local businesses we work with, the better these beautiful landscapes will be protected. This gives our Dragons not just the pride in reducing inequality but also access to what really happens behind the typical tourist traps, to see and do what the locals experience.

Our vision

We are not perfect but we aim to be, that is why year on year we aim to increase the proportion of local businesses we work with as well as reduce the average carbon footprint of all of our group tour adventures. We do this by measuring our performance and making small but positive changes to how we operate.

How can you contribute to a better world when travelling with us?

Pack a reusable water bottle

Buying individual bottles of water every day can soon add up. It not only eats into the travel budget but leaving a small trail of plastic behind you is not good for the environment. Many of the hostels on our tours now offer filtered water, which can be accessed for a small fee. It’s a great way of keeping costs down and reducing your plastic waste.

Say ‘no’ to single use plastics

Many of our most popular destinations have now banned plastic bags and other single-use plastics – Thailand and Bali being two of them. But there is so much more that we can do. Say no to plastic bags when shopping for souvenirs or snacks to try to travel as sustainably as possible.

Pick up as you travel

Whether that is by organising your own beach clean up or picking up trash when hiking in the rainforest, every little bit helps. Our Adventure Leaders will encourage you to fill any plastic bags you find with any surrounding rubbish to clean up our planet as much as possible.

Donate some time

While travelling, we understand that every moment counts. We have partnered with small local businesses to allow you to do something good, even if it is just for a few hours. On our group tours, you can visit wildlife centres, local charities and spend the night at homestays.

Plant trees

In 2019 we partnered with ‘One Tree Planted’. For every Dragon we take to South East Asia, India or Indonesia, we donate towards planting of new trees. By doing this we help to rebuild entire ecosystems, provide clean drinking water and create valuable job opportunities for local communities.

Eat & shop local

We love to support local businesses and give our Dragons a ‘live like a local’ experience. Food is at the heart of this and our Adventure Leaders know the best small local places to find the best authentic eats. Shopping and eating in these places puts local currency straight into the hands of those who need it most.

Epic Adventure Leaders

We only hire the best Adventure Leaders and each one is a proud member of our family. Our Adventure Leaders are born and raised in the places that you’ll be visiting and are passionate about their home, lifestyle and culture.

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