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Japan & South Korea Premium Tours

The Dragon Trip’s premium range of tours are just as fun and adventurous as our popular budget, backpacker tours, but instead of hostels, our premium tours stay in the coolest boutique hotels in town. They are jammed packed with additional luxury experiences and splurges along the way and are perfect for travellers seeking adventure but also comfort!

South Korea tours

10-Day South Korea Premium Tour

South Korea

10 Days
Seoul to Jeju Island
This 10 day adventure is curated to showcase the best of Korea's rich variety!
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View of Kyoto, a top destination for Japan in 2023

11-Day Premium Japan Group Tour


11 Days
Tokyo to Osaka
This 11-Day Japan Premium Tour gives you the chance to experience the culture in real style!
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Some of our premium experiences


Sumo Wrestling Lunch

Try your hand against a sumo wrestler in an unforgettable experience. Then join them for lunch and see if you can eat like a sumo as well as asking them questions about their daily life.
Premium tours


Peer into the hermit kingdom and discover more about the fascinating history of these two nations. Plus – learn first-hand about life in the North with a chat with a defector.

Tea with a Geisha

Whilst in Kyoto- discover more about this fascinating part of Japanese culture with a tea with a Geisha and learn about their lives.

Temple stay

Immerse yourself in temple life with Sunmudo, archery, horse-riding and an unforgettable meditation experience.

About our Premium Tours

Travelling Sustainably

The Japanese are well known for not littering, and that’s something we ask you abide by – but that’s not where ‘sustainable travel’ ends for us. We use public transport, stay in small hostels and ensure we work closely with the local communities.

The Adventure Leaders

Your Japan guide will be a local expert, leading you through fascinating, budget friendly, authentic experiences. Adventure Leaders have the passion and knowledge to ensure that they can help you have a great time.

The People

Each trip is different, but our travelers come from all over the world and from every background. Before your Japan group trip why not connect with fellow Dragon Trippers or meet people on The Dragon Trip Facebook page.


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