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Join us on our unforgettable India tours, packed with all your top India bucket list experiences!

Travel the real India

Dive into the rich, vibrant and diverse culture of India with our all-encompassing tours. Create memories you’ll never forget watching the sun rise over the Taj Mahal. Camping in the desert on a Camel Safari. Relaxing on gorgeous Goan beaches. From bustling cities to rural villages, our Adventure Leaders take you off-the-beaten-track as you explore all that India has to offer.

Our tours take you to awe-inspiring locations, guaranteed to make your Instagram followers jealous! But we also go one step further, taking you where other tours won’t. With us, you’ll delve deep into local communities and then mix up a storm in a traditional cooking class before volunteering at an animal rescue, where you can give a local temple’s elephant a bath.

Choose between our 13-day North India Tour or our 18-day Ultimate India Tour. With The Dragon Trip, your adventure is guaranteed to be packed full of excitement, unforgettable experiences and of course, delicious food!

About our India Tours

With India being such a massive country, there is no wrong time to travel there. The most popular months are November to March when Rajasthan and the area around the Taj Mahal is hot but dry. In the summer months, it gets even hotter and more humid. The pay off is that there are often far fewer tourists around meaning you get a much more authentic experience.

Travelling around India is as memorable as some of the country’s biggest highlights. On a tour of India, you can be bunking down for the night on an overnight train or riding a packed bus with the locals. Tuk-tuks are an amazing way of navigating narrow streets quickly. Out in the desert, camels can carry you to an amazing campsite surrounded by nothing but stars.

In order to make it an affordable tour, we mainly use public transport. This also reduces your carbon footprint and ensures that you travel in a way that limits your impact on the environment. 

We only stay at the best hostels in India. On an India trip, it’s all about the hustle and bustle of the streets, madness of the noise and smells of the delicious street food. The hostels we use are a quiet and peaceful oasis away from the chaos. They are clean and comfortable and a home away from home.

Should you prefer your own room away from the camaraderie of the dorms, you can upgrade to a private room. An absolute highlight of a trip to India is an overnight adventure into the desert. There you share stories around the campfire and sleep on raised beds under the stars.

It’s called Delhi-belly for a reason. Food hygiene standards are not what they are in the UK but the food in India is fresh, flavoursome and delicious. On our India tours, your Adventure Leader will be able to recommend the most delicious, affordable restaurants ensuring you get to try all the best local food without any dodgy curries causing you to miss out on any fun activities.  

Many of the hostels we use on our India adventures now provide free filtered water so bring a reusable water bottle with you to reduce your plastic waste. You can also use water filters or purifiers to get rid of all the bad bacteria or viruses in the tap water.  

Alcohol is not readily available in some parts of India and the locals aren’t big drinkers. Be prepared to pay big bucks for beer and wine in comparison to everything else on the menu. On the beaches of Goa, anything goes though and the party vibes are as free-flowing as the booze.

You will need a visa to enter India but you can apply for one quite easily online. All you need to do is upload a passport photo, scan your passport, pay a fee and then sit tight until your visa is approved. It usually takes only a couple of days.

There is only one way to see the Taj Mahal and that is at sunrise. It’s the quietest time to visit although queues will still snake round the block hours before the gates open. It is when the sun is at its coolest, the monkeys are most active and the fewest people are around. You won’t feel like you have the Taj Mahal all to yourself, but you can find quiet corners to perfect that Insta-pose.

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