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Who travels with us?

On first glance, our ‘Dragons’ look like a disparate group of people. We’re young, old, long-time travellers, career-breakers, gap year-takers, families, students, teachers, explorers, history buffs, foodies, nomads, fitness freaks, anime-lovers, Brits, Europeans, Kiwis, Aussies, Americans and a whole lot more. However, whilst appearing very different at first glance, our travellers are more united than first appearances might suggest…

Just like our fantastic team, our customers share a thirst for knowledge, a taste for adventure and a genuine interest in discovering new cultures. To learn more, read more about our main offerings below.

China Tours

China is a vast behemoth of a country and it can be tricky to travel in due to its size, the language barrier and the amount of organization required. The Dragon Trip does the hard part for you by organizing all the accommodation, transport and activities.

Our China tours go much further than pure logistics though, with our awesome guides giving you a taste of off the beaten track places and genuine cultural experiences. Plus there are lots of chances to socialize too. With most Dragons here aged between 18 and 35, with an average age of about 24, slightly more of whom are female. The age range across our Adventure tours is 18 to 50.

Japan Tours

Often travellers on a budget are put off Japan due to thinking it’s too expensive or struggle with booking cheap accommodation so we aimed to create a genuine, budget backpacker tour that still showcases the best of this amazing country. Most of our travellers here are between 18 and 35, though the average age is 28, with a good balance of female to male. The age range across all our Adventure tours is 18 to 50. As for family groups, we accommodate all ages.

Just like the entire country, our group Japan tours (or family tours) are super efficient; we pack in lots of the highlights in a time efficient and cost-effective way. We do all the boring logistics whilst our travellers sample sushi, temple-hop and sip sake in local bars.

Educational Tours

Many of the team at The Dragon Trip has been inspired by our early travels in Asia and we are huge believers in the importance of seeing the world when you are young!

We have taken some of the top performing schools and universities from around the world on incredible school trips around China. From Whitgift, Dartford Grammar and Sevenoaks in the UK to institutions based in France, USA, Australia and China, including international schools. We cater for students between 8 and 18, with university tours generally made up of 20-somethings. Our Learning Adventures consistently get fantastic feedback, evolving over the last 6 years into slick international operations that focus relentlessly on educational outcomes.

Still not sure we’re made for each other?

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