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Meet our exceptional people, both on the ground and behind the scenes

From those who lead our tour groups (our adventure leaders) to those who research trips, plan the logistics, book everything and advise customers on how/when/where to travel (our adventures planners) we’re a diverse bunch, united by a love of travel! Together we speak over 14 languages, come from over 7 different countries and have all lived and travelled extensively in either China, Japan, or Southeast Asia.

Adventure leaders



Raised in the mountains surrounding Yangshuo, Sally Zeng is the first face of The Dragon Trip for many of our travellers when she picks them up in Hong Kong. Sally has an endless enthusiasm for meeting new people and a passion for showing her new friends the best places in China.

Prior to working for The Dragon Trip, Sally was the manager of the roof top bar at Monkey Jane’s, so if she ever challenges you to be a game of beer pong there, be warned, she has beaten even the most practised ‘frat’ member!



A local village girl from Yangshuo, Mulan has been leading travellers through her hometown for 7 years. She is an outgoing girl who likes traveling, sport, her hometown and touring through all the local villages surrounding Guilin. Message from Mulan: “I would love to introduce my beautiful hometown to you and show you the real local Chinese life, culture and customs. It’s not only a job, it’s my life. That is the main reason why I love my job.”



Kid is a born-and-bred Chengdu-er – though he is significantly more active than the pandas that make his city famous!

Being from spicy spicy Sichuan province, it is no surprise that Kid can handle even the most numbing of the numbingly hot Sichuan peppercorns – don’t try to out-spice him at dinner, lest you end up ‘losing face’ and crying into your hotpot.



Vicky was born in Dongbei province in the northeast of China. She now lives in Songshan Shaolin, and is one of the newest member of The Dragon Trip team. She is energetic, easy going and has a cheerful disposition. She loves travelling to exotic places and leading foreign guests on new and exciting adventures.

Hong Kong


A local girl from Hong Kong, Rosanna is outgoing, friendly and loves the city she lives in. Growing up at the crossroads of Western and Chinese culture she’ll be happy to help you adjust on the first day! She enjoys talking about the history and culture of Hong Kong and has plenty of travel tips for mainland China.



Lucy was born as a farmer girl in the beautiful countryside of Yangshuo. She’s now been working as a tour-guide for many years and knows all the corners of the beautiful region. She loves to travel as well as showing the Dragons the best parts of her own hometown. She’s a fan of playing the Guzheng, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. If you ask her nicely she’ll give you a recital!



XiaoShuang is definitely a typical Sichuanese! Chill and laidback like a panda, spicy like Sichuan hotpot, fun like Chengdu’s night life, and super-nice like Sichuan food! She truly loves the province and wants to make sure everyone, no matter where they are from, can have the best time there.



Susie is a passionate tour guide who loves to share unique stories of China’s fantastical history. Hailing from Hunan province, Susie has traveled to 40 countries around the world, taking clients to sights throughout China, Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond. When taking groups to the Great Wall for camping overnight, Susie loves to lead her tourists through a course of Yoga meditation at sunset taking in the fresh air and energy of one of China’s most ancient monuments. No matter where you go in Beijing, you will definitely have a blast with this ‘spicy’ Hunnanese firecracker.



Ethan hails from Nanchang, an ancient and beautiful Southern Chinese city. His travels have taken him across Asia, Europe and Australia and opened his mind up to the world! (He’s a big fan of  British literature!) Now living in Shanghai, he is ready to show our Dragons all the corners of this beautiful city.



This young and handsome boy, Damon, is originally from “Spicy Sichuan” province and grew up in a beautiful and peaceful island in South China. As an island boy, Damon loves big coconuts, riding the waves hard and struttin’ his stuff on the beach. He’s ready to help (or have fun) at a moment’s notice and is sure to show our Dragons a good time!



Soon to be infamous for knowing the story of every unrequited, secret and/or scandalous love affair ever to be told throughout the long history of China’s capital, Luna is our fantastic Beijing Adventure Leader.

Hailing from the gorgeous slopes of Huangshan, Luna caught the travel bug after spending a year studying Spanish in Chile, and is now based in Beijing, which she loves for its juxtaposition of modernity and ancient history.



Leilei spent time with Dragons long before joining us as an Adventure Leader. He would often have (a few) drinks with travellers in the local hostel where he worked for more than 4 years (casually picking up mad English skills). Although he’s originally from Shanghai, he says he has a travel bug and has taken every opportunity he can to travel around China for the last 6 years or so. If you’re reading this, Leilei has a message to you: “Come and join us! I’d love to show you what I see about this beautiful place!”

Adventure planners


Alex Seigel

Alex Seigel has been a part of The Dragon Trip since its very first research trip back in 2011. He now oversees our London office and prior to joining the team rose quickly through the competitive Teach First Scheme to become an assistant head teacher of a British secondary school. He is a keen sportsman, an avid afternoon tea enthusiast and has travelled to over 50 countries across 5 continents.

C.O.O. School Trips

Lesley Chen

Lesley was born in Guangdong province and studied in Tianjin but is now working in Beijing. She majored in financial auditing but is devoted to tourism… quite different right? She LOVES travel. She is always excited to show the real China to the world and help people to have a great trip. The more she works in the travel industry, the more she loves it. She enjoys every single trip The Dragon Trip operates, every single joyful face and every single “thank you” we recieve. A 10 day trip might change your life. Come to China and check it out!

Trip Operations Assistant

Echo Liu

Echo is from Shaanxi Province, famous for the Terracotta Warriors. She’s fascinated by travelling and keen to embrace multicultural experiences. She studies different cultures by learning their language and regards it as the best way to approach to local people’s life.  When she’s not traveling she’s loves getting stuck into reading a good book.

Contact Echo or Evan for questions about our Japan Adventure Tours.

Educational Tours Regional Sales Manager

Dan Gindin

With an Argentinean heart and a global mind, Dan has studied and worked in countries across three different continents. A business development enthusiast, Dan has been captivated by the Asian culture and he’s currently based in Shanghai. Whenever he’s not in the office, he’s exploring new destinations while developing new markets along with his photography skills

Please contact Dan if you are a school or educational organization in Asia, Africa, S. America or Australia & New Zealand.  


Ramsay Kerr

Ramsay has been trekking and travelling his way around Asia since he was little, growing up in Singapore, China and the UK. When not working in Shanghai, he can usually be found on whatever adventure he can dream up around China, whether it be mountaineering in the breathtaking West or kicking back in the charming South.

Japan Sales Officer

Poppy Cosyns

Poppy is a born and bred Londoner but her heart belongs in Tokyo. She recently graduated from SOAS with a Master’s degree in Japanese Studies and hopes that she can share her love for Japan through her work at The Dragon Trip. Her other passions include cooking and her cat Luna.

Marketing Executive

Nicole Wretham

Nicole was born in Japan and has loved Asian food ever since. She went on to live in China and the United Kingdom, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in English. She spends her free time watching Terrace House, managing her cats’ Instagram account and searching for new Asian restaurants to try in London.

Sales Officer

Megan Cronin

Megan caught the travel bug after her first trip abroad to Japan in 2012. She has since traveled to several countries and claimed London as her second home. When not traveling she’s cooking, writing, or watching British television. She is currently based in Boston and loves introducing travelers to the excitement of Japan!

Client Officer

Lina Cao

Lina is from Hebei Province and went to university in Liaoning. She is a good person to get along with. She loves to cook and is always trying out new things. She loves to read and travel and she thinks that books enrich your mind and travel broadens your horizons. The perfect combination!

International Schools Client Officer

Kate Liu

A native speaker of both Mandarin and Cantonese, Kate graduated with a degree in Business English. Kate is a dynamo in making sure our teachers feel prepared, ready and excited to travel in China with their students. Kate is a fan of hip hop and outside of work, likes to dance, sing and be happy!

Please contact Kate, Cherry, or Haena for any questions about our China Educational Programs.

Marketing Manager

Ian Fillingham

Straight after Ian finished studying at Nottingham University, he jetted off to China to live in Wuxi. After a year of working, exploring, and eating too much tasty Chinese food he returned home and started working at TDT. Ian’s a fan of music, films and – no surprises – tasty Chinese food.

Financial Analyst

Henry Liu

Henry was born in Jiangxi province and is China’s no.1 Manchester United fan. He joined The Dragon Trip team straight after studying Finance at university. He loves travel because it relaxes him, and he loves to read a good book. Some people think numbers are boring but he thinks numbers are fun, just like making friends! He firmly believes that “Well begun is half done.”

Please contact Henry for any questions about finance.

Head of Education

Haena Kim

Having grown up in the Philippines, Nepal, U.S. and Korea, Haena’s deeply passionate about passing on an understanding of the world’s different cultures to the students travelling on our programs. She started designing and leading educational trips for students at the tender age of 16 and is now proud to be shaping the future of the world: one student at a time. A proud graduate of the University of Michigan, Haena works hard to follow her alma mater, ‘To be the Leaders and Best’.

Contact Haena if you are a school or educational organization in Asia, Africa, S. America or Australia & New Zealand or have a question about The Dragon Trip’s Shanghai office.

Japan Educational and Family Tours Operations Manager

Hana Jin

Hana loves traveling and taking photographs along the way. She studied in England for 1 year, which opened up her mind to the world; she then spent 4 years living in Tokyo, and was amazed that a country could be so close to China yet so different. Living by a work hard, play hard philosophy she makes the most out of living in Beijing.

Operations Officer

Gaby Gu

Gaby was born in Chengde city, Hebei province. She likes travelling, dancing and listening to music. With the motto of “no pains, no gains”, she enjoys her job a lot because she understands she learns something everyday!

Finance Assistant

Emily Wang

My name is Emily Wang and I’m a wee girl from AnHui province in China. I majored in investment at college so, working in finance at TDT, I can finally join up my interest in business and travel! I absolutely love travelling because it relaxes me and offers precious opportunities to experience different cultures. I like writing too, always keeping a journal of my experiences along the way. Keep a look out on our blog!

Please contact Emily or Henry for any questions about transactions and transfers.  

Adventure Manager

Evan Webb

Born in California, but raised in Ohio, Evan is a lifetime traveller that is never satisfied to be in one place for too long. First working with TDT’s China Adventure Tour for 2 years, Evan now works primarily with the Japan Adventure Tour. Having travelled extensively throughout China and Japan, Evan is fascinated by East Asia and its history and culture. Evan is also a passionate supporter of his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and likes to watch movies, drink beer and train in boxing during his spare time.

Please contact Evan or Yina for questions about any of our adventure tours in Japan, China or Southeast Asia.

Head of Dragon Trip Extra

Fly Yu

Fly by name – Fly by nature… In between running marathons around the world, founding her own charity for the elderly in China, and playing top class badminton, Fly has been an indispensable member of the team from our very first days!

Please contact Fly for any questions about our China family and independent tours.

Bookings Manager - Adventure Tours

Yina Zhang

Yina was born in Henan province, the birthplace of Chinese civilisation. She’s fascinated by China’s history and loves travel to the point that she ended up majoring in Tourism Management at college. Huge badminton fan and always up for a match if you’re interested!

Please contact Yina or Evan for any questions about transportation or accommodation for our adventure tours in Japan, China, or Southeast Asia.

Adventure Tours Sales Manager

Cathy Watts

Cathy starts most sentences with “In China,…”, and dreams of exploring anywhere in East and Southeast Asia. She first visited China in 2009, and has since studied, worked and Dragon Tripped around its ginormous cities and lesser-known gems. She loves Chinese tea, eating with chopsticks, and adventures in the great outdoors. She is now based in our London office, and is excited to introduce more travellers to China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

China Educational Programs Operations Manager

Nancy Wang

If you have been on one of our epic China Adventure tours – chances are that you’ve talked to our adventure aficionado Nancy. She loves travelling to exotic places and making friends with the locals. In fact, she thinks the best type of trip is when you feel like a local rather than a tourist. She lives by her motto: travel is an adventure, and it will let you become a storyteller.

Please contact Nancy for any questions about our China Educational Programs for International Schools.

Senior Operations Officer

Lee Li

Lee was born in Beijing and has plenty of experience working in travel. He loves nature and is inspired by the rivers and mountains of his beautiful country. He has made his mark in cities all over China both ancient and modern such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, XiAn, Yanan, and Chengdu.

Marketing Consultant

Wiets Helwig

Wietske’s taste for wanderlust was sparked at an early age. She grew up as an expat living in Belgium, Austria, Poland, China, Canada, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom. Each year, she sets out to explore a new country, her latest adventure taking her to the Tibetan Plateau.

Booking Officer

Jade Feng

Jade was born in Hunan Province, China and is a member of the Miao minority people. After majoring in Tourism Management Jade is now in charge of our Adventure Tours in China and Japan. She enjoys food a great deal (whether that’s dessert or hot pot) and she’s also a big fan of Disneyland.

Please contact Jade or Yina for any questions about transportation and accommodation bookings for our Adventure Tours in China and Japan.

China Adventure Manager

Thijs van den Tillart

Although originally from the Netherlands, it was at a rooftop bar in Macau (back in 2012) that Thijs met Ramsay and was first introduced to TDT. It didn’t take long before he started guiding Dragons around Xi’an and Beijing. Since his time as a TDT guide he’s explored everywhere from Thailand to Lapland, and now he’s back in China; but this time he’s working as our China Adventures manager!

Client Officer

Lea Wang

Lea is always excited about new adventure, and has a huge passion for travelling. She studied in Munich for one year and majored in German Linguistics during university. She started blogging last year and has her own great lifestyle & travel blog. “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – that’s how Lea feels about travelling.

Adventure Manager Assistant

Sophia Din

Sophia’s family comes from Anhui province but she grew up among the bright lights of Shanghai. During her time at university she lived in Beijing, leaving her with her own unique impressions of two of China’s biggest cities. Like all of us here at The Dragon Trip she firmly believes in the importance of exploring the world around us!

Bookings Officer - China Adventure Tours

Kayla Lai

Kayla is from Jiangxi province. In her free time she enjoys cooking and traveling. Although she always wants to be on the road exploring the world, Kayla’s not a huge fan of sports and would generally choose a nap over a game of football. As a TDT member she loves planning trips and thinks travelling isn’t just about exploring the world, but also your own character.

Southeast Asia Operations Officer - Adventure Tours

Becky Huang

Becky was born in the mountainous Hunan province. She majored in Tourism Management and she likes to explore and learn new things. When she is not working she loves to travel and enjoys spending time in nature.

Adventure Tours Sales Officer

Ying Au Yeung

Ying (or Ieng in Portuguese) was born in Macau, a former-Portuguese colony next to Hong Kong, and then went to London to study history at University of London. She loves travelling and sharing Chinese culture with her friends in the UK. She is also a massive AC Milan fan, so much so she’s currently learning Italian!

Sales Officer

Hannah Beattie

Originating from Scotland, Hannah was first introduced to China while undertaking an internship in Shanghai. She loves travelling and exploring new countries, and has a bucket list of places she wants to visit in the future. Based in the London office, she is excited to introduce more travellers to our destinations across Asia!

Japan Family Tours Sales Officer

Elisha Tran

Hailing from Boston, Elisha has traveled to over 20 countries and has lived in Germany and South Korea. Her first trip to Japan was in 2014 and she has gone back every year since. Her past destinations include Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Nagano, Matsumoto and a little village called Ono. Her best Japan memory is skiing down Mount Tomamu at sunset during her winter trip to Hokkaido. Tsukemen is her go-to Japanese dish and for fun, she likes to learn foreign languages, hike for good views and crochet while listening to podcasts. She’s happy to help you plan your next vacation to Japan!

Southeast Asia Adventure Manager

Servet Selen

Servet was born and grew up in Turkey, in the mix of Middle Eastern and European cultures. As a fellow backpacker, he has always loved learning different cultures, as well as meeting other travellers to share stories along the way. 4 years ago, his passion for Asian culture brought him to China. He had been Adventure Leader himself, guided many of our trips in Hong Kong, Macao and Fujian. After working as China Adventure Manager in Shanghai for a year, Servet is now ready to help our travellers throughout their Southeast Asia trips!

Please contact Servet, Evan or Yina for any questions about our adventure tours in Southeast Asia.

Booking Officer

Irene Li

Irene was born in the mountainous Hunan province but grew up in Shanghai. She loves traveling and has paid visits to Korea, Japan and Singapore, with Thailand as next on the list. When she’s not working (or traveling) Irene enjoys swimming, shopping and watching movies.

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