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Adventure Tours of Korea

Group tours of Korea with unbeatable value for money

Our carefully-curated adventure tour of Korea showcases the best of the country and is packed with cultural experiences. It also offers unbeatable value for money!

Our tours are packed with everything that is great about the country.  We’ll make our way down through the country with countryside stops, big-city dwellings and a gorgeous island stay to round it all off. From meditating at a Buddhist temple, marvelling at Seoul’s cityscapes to salivating over Korean food- this trip has something for everyone. This is a trip for the young and the young at heart to really get under the skin of Korea.

Discover the magic of Korea!

Seoul at night picture for South Korea Group Tour

12-day South Korea Tour

South Korea

12 Days
Seoul to Jeju Island
Explore South Korea’s unique history, natural beauty, rich culture and mouth-watering cuisine with our 12-day adventure.
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South Korea tours

10-Day South Korea Premium Tour

South Korea

10 Days
Seoul to Jeju Island
This 10 day adventure is curated to showcase the best of Korea's rich variety!
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South Korea family tour

9-Day South Korea Family Tour

South Korea

9 Days
Seoul Loop
Take the family adventure of a lifetime on a our 9-day tour of South Korea.
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korea winter tour

South Korea 10-Day Winter Travel Tour

South Korea

10 Days
Seoul to Busan
From bustling Seoul to the white slopes, Nami Island to Busan, see Korea through a new lens.
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Korea K-Pop tour

South Korea K-Pop 9-Day Tour

South Korea

9 Days
Seoul Loop
From Seoul to Gwangju & Busan: it's the ultimate K-Pop tour for the ultimate K-Popper.
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About our Korea Group Tours

Travelling Sustainably

The Koreans are well known for not littering, and that’s something we ask you abide by – but that’s not where ‘sustainable travel’ ends for us. We use public transport, stay in small hostels and ensure we work closely with the local communities.

The Adventure Leaders

Your Korean guide will be a local expert, leading you through fascinating, budget friendly, authentic experiences. Adventure Leaders have the passion and knowledge to ensure that they can help you have a great time.

The People

Each trip is different, but our travelers come from all over the world and from every background. Before your Korea group trip why not connect with fellow Dragon Trippers or meet people on The Dragon Trip Facebook page.

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The tour was amazing!

The tour was amazing and everything I hoped for it to be. We visited soooo many different places and hidden corners and our charismatic tour guide always had information…


Best trip ever!

The best trip I’ve ever booked! The group was just amazing and the guide was the nicest and most informed one I’ve ever met (thanks, Juno – you’ve made this trip special).

Kevin, Hamburg

Amazing tour guide

The tour was very interesting and gave a good view on life due to being more integrated with the public on public transport. Our tour guide was amazing…

Trusted Customer

Exceptional tour

I really enjoyed the trip. I visited really nice places, the rest of the group were amazing fun to be around, and the tour guide was amazing at ensuring we were always on time…


Travel the real Korea

Our Korea tours take you to the country’s iconic destinations – but with a little bit of a twist. Rather than strolling and staring at the country’s glorious monuments (which we’ll do a bit of), we’ll take you under the skin of this incredible culture – introducing you to cutting-edge virtual reality, marvelling at the divers of Jeju and helping you discover the tranquility that comes with a meditation session amidst the country’s magnificent mountain scenery. Our hands-on experiences will give you more to take home than just the souvenirs and a deeper understanding of a culture that’s gaining more and more influence. What’s more – you’ll get to sample a whole range of delicious Korean cuisine!

Korea is a destination like no other – and is worth discovering before the tourist hordes arrive. Have any questions? Ask us about our tours and making bookings with us directly via emailphone or WhatsApp!

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