Why Joe travelled to Asia with The Dragon Trip | Video Interview | The Dragon Trip

Why Joe travelled to Asia with The Dragon Trip | Video Interview

Some people can’t stop raving about our China adventure, others about our Japan adventure and (most recently) people are returning from our Southeast Asia adventure singing its praises. But Joe is the first person who has taken every single one of our tours. Naturally, we wanted to hear what he had to say about The Dragon Trip experience.

If you haven’t got 2 minutes to spare, here’s the rough idea…

Asia’s (very) different

Joe was looking to enter the unknown and whether it’s the different culture or the stunning landscapes, the continent fitted the bill.

Everything’s tweaked just right

Specifically for the Japan trip, he thought it was perfectly organised, with expert guides and incredible activities.

Experiences you’ll never forget

Paradise cave (in Vietnam) had a real impact on Joe: taken aback by its breath-taking size and dramatic lighting.

Heading off the beaten track

In China especially, Joe was struck by the sprawling peaks and greenery explored on the trip.

Looking to explore Asia? Check out our Flagship China Adventure tour, our Southeast Asia Circuit or our new extended Japan tourIf you have any questions use the live chat below, or contact your local sales office.

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Ian Fillingham

About Ian Fillingham

Straight after Ian finished studying at Nottingham University, he ran off to China to live in Wuxi. After a year of working, exploring, and eating too much tasty Chinese food he returned home and started working at TDT. Ian’s a fan of music, films and – no surprises – tasty Chinese food.


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