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Mongolia, Culture and Activity Trip, 5 days

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5 days / 4 nights - POA

In an itinerary that feels like a movie adventure, students will journey to the grasslands and sand dunes of Inner Mongolia for a taste of China that is sure to be something different. The trip kicks off with a visit to Buddhist monasteries followed by an authentic Mongolian feast. Adventures continue with students rotating in groups between learning Mongolian wrestling, horseback riding, archery, and how to prepare authentic Mongolian food. The itinerary continues to cover living and learning alongside local tribespeople about their nomadic lifestyles. Students will also see monuments raised to Genghis Khan, go sandboarding, ride ATVs, and go camel trekking. One of our most exciting itineraries!



Learning Outcomes

  • Action
  • Ethnic/Cultural Diversity
  • Service & Sustainability

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Day 1: Hohhot

Welcome to Inner Mongolia! Begin the tour in the region’s capital. Take a tour of the city, stopping off to visit the Dazhao Temple to learn about Chinese Buddhism. Spend time at the local artisan street in the area and enjoy the hustle of the city before we transfer to the grasslands the next day.


Day 2: Xilamuren Grasslands

Head deep into the grasslands and go horseback riding on the plains. Try your hand at archery (optional: horseback archery). In the afternoon, watch Traditional Mongolian Wrestling, then learn and try it out yourself! For dinner, learn to cook your own Mongolian food. The meal will be followed by a storytelling session from Mongolian Elders after which you will spend the night in traditional yurts.


Day 3: Xilamuren Grasslands

Visit locally inhabited yurts and help with tasks in the camp to experience nomadic herding lifestyle first-hand. Observe the ancient Mongolian tradition of falconry in action. Learn about what being a falconer is like and the history of the tradition. In the evening, a Development & Sustainability Lecture in the context of Inner Mongolia will be given by a locally based academic researcher.


Day 4: Xilamuren Grasslands

Transfer into the desert to the renowned sand dunes of Inner Mongolia. Students will get the chance to go sand boarding! It’s time for more thrills with ATV rides through the sand. Slow down the afternoon by learning about the Bactrian camel: biology, history, and domestication process, then going on a camel trek through the desert! In the evening, return to Hohhot.


Day 5: Hohhot

Participate in a conference style reflection session (dependent on flight times). Say goodbye to the amazing plains and dunes of Inner Mongolia!

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Learning outcomes:

  • Action: Students will push themselves physically through the wealth of activities planned throughout the week. Learning the art of Bökh, horseback riding, and sandboarding, to name just a few examples. Students will be left with a sense of pride in their physical accomplishments at the end of the trip.
  • Ethnic/Cultural Diversity: Students will gain a unique glimpse into one of the last surviving nomad cultures in the world. Throughout the itinerary, they will experience the Mongolian diet, sports activities, everyday life and learn more about their religious and historical past.
  • Service & Sustainability: Learning the lifestyle of the local nomads, students will experience first-hand how co-dependent nomads lives are to the patterns of nature. Interacting with elders and falconers, students will be faced with the impacts of climate change as they compare their experience to their own everyday lives.

What is included in the price?


  • Accommodation for this price is based on the pricing chart as set out above.
  • Students in private single sex twin rooms. Teachers in private rooms.


  • All transportation within China, including all inner-city transfers. City transportation in private and fully insured coaches or occasionally public transport.
  • Transfers to other cities will either be through internal flights, fast trains and day trains, or overnight sleeper trains. The class of each transport is indicated in the itinerary.


  • All meals during your stay according to the itinerary.
  • B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner
  • Most meals will be local Chinese food and we try to choose a variety of different food in each city, as well as local specialties. We are flexible on the trip and have experience in ordering food for students. For trips longer than 7 days we will typically have at least 1 western fast food meal or similar alternative for lunch or dinner.
  • Bottled drinking water and fruit is provided daily.


  • Groups of 15 students or more will have a leader throughout the trip and local guide in each location unless indicated as “unguided” in your itinerary. Groups of less than 15 students will have local guides in each location and trains and flight transfers will be unguided.


  • Morning activities 09.00 - 12.00, Afternoon activities 14.00 - 17.00, Evening activities 19.00 - 20.30. Occasionally times differ for certain itineraries or activities.
  • All tickets to attractions listed on the itinerary.
  • All tips and charges are included in the costs.
  • Free places include all costs in China (food, accommodation, tickets etc.) but exclude international flights and visas.

Additional Services Available Upon Request:

  • International flights. Please note the above quote includes internal flights.
  • Visa service. For groups departing from the UK we can offer visa services.

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