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12-day Japan Family Adventure

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12 days - from £1,259

Impress your family with our 12-day Japan adventure tour; taking you to Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka. Experience magnificent views of Mt. Fuji, unearth the history of Hiroshima, learn how to make sushi and watch traditional Japanese performances by geisha, comedians and dancers. To give you and your family the best travel experience, we made sure there is something for everyone. For an extensive list of the activities, see the trip itinerary below. Our trips can depart at any time you choose, however for those who are interested in joining other families, see our dates and prices. Burning with questions or just looking for a quote, scroll down to contact us directly :)



Day 1: Arrival

Arrive in Tokyo and transfer to your hotel – it’s time to get a good night’s rest before the trip begins…


Day 2: Tokyo

Take in the cityscape from the top of Tokyo Metropolitan, and then head back down to experience one of Tokyo’s buzziest districts, Shinjuku. Learn about Buddhism at Sensoji Temple and have a swing at baseball. Learn about Tokyo.


Day 3: Tokyo

See wrestlers train in the sumo district. Walk across the Shibuya Crossing and experience the intricate dynamics between tradition and contemporary culture in the fashionable district of Harajuku. Learn about Tokyo.


Day 4: Tokyo

Indulge in a fresh sushi breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market before you try your hand at sushi making. Learn about the history and spirit of the Samurai and attend a Robot Show like no other! Learn about Tokyo.


Day 5: Hakone

Hop on the train to Hakone and stay the night in a traditional Ryokan. Take the afternoon to relax at an onsen and grab a glimpse of Mount Fuji from the Hakone Ropeway.


Day 6: Kyoto

Hop on the bullet train to Kyoto. Explore the hillside streets to the stunning Kiyomizu Dera temple, and visit Fushimi Inari, an important Shinto shrine before heading off for a sake tasting session.


Day 7: Kyoto

It’s Manga time! Experience Japan’s devotion to all things manga before hiking around the countless beautiful shrines that are nestled in the hills surrounding the city and come face to face with monkeys!  Learn about Kyoto.


Day 8: Kyoto

Master the art of calligraphy, and experience the timeless traditions of ancient Japan in Kyoto’s Geisha district. Settle in for a cheap, authentic and delicious meal surrounded by wood panels and lanterns in Pontocho alley. Learn about Kyoto.


Day 9: Kyoto – Hiroshima

Meditate in the Daisen-in Temple with a Buddhist Zen monk. Explore the Golden Pavilion at Kinkaku-Ji temple and cycle to the Imperial Palace Gardens before you jump onto the bullet train to Hiroshima.


Day 10: Hiroshima

Learn about  Hiroshima’s tragic past and its pacifist mission at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Take a ferry to the Itsukushima shrine, built on stilts above lapping water before ascending the ropeway for marvellous vistas.


Day 11: Osaka

Get immersed in another Japanese megacity, with an infinite choice for eating, drinking and entertainment. Be sure to visit Shinsaibashi and the Dotonbori riverfront in the evening. Hit the arcades and sprawling shopping malls and make sure to enjoy a dinner overlooking the water! Learn about Osaka.


Day 12: Osaka - Tokyo

On your last day, ascend the Umeda Sky Tower and have brunch in Osaka. Say goodbye to your guide and catch the final bullet train back to Tokyo to finish up or continue your travels! Learn about Osaka.

Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrive in Tokyo and transfer to your hotel.
  • Details will be given on how to do this by public transport or The Dragon Trip can arrange a private transfer at an extra charge.

Day 2: Tokyo

  • Meet your adventure leader, who’ll be waiting for you at the lobby of your accommodation.
  • Listen to a trip briefing. This will give you all the information you need to have a safe and smooth adventure through Japan.
  • Enjoy the tranquil scenery of Shinjuku Gyoen, one of Tokyo’s largest parks. In spring it becomes one of the most popular places in the city to see cherry blossoms.
  • Head to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for an incredible view of the city.
  • Visit the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and learn about Buddhism in Japan.
  • OPTIONAL: Try your hand at one of Japan’s national obsessions, baseball, at a local batting cage. (¥400 pp.)

Day 3: Tokyo

  • Head over to the sumo district and have the chance to see wrestlers train!
  • Discover Tokyo’s rich history at the fascinating Edo-Tokyo museum.
  • OR
  • Visit the Ghibli Museum that showcases the work produced by Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation studio that is best known for its anime film productions.
  • No trip to Tokyo is complete without a walk across Shibuya Crossing. Observe the organised chaos from the Tsutaya building.
  • It’s another afternoon of traditional-modern contrast in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. Stop at the Shinto shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, responsible for igniting Japan’s transformation from a feudal state to a capitalist and imperial world power.
  • After that, explore Harajuku’s fashion district and see the fruits of the transformation started by Meiji. French Maids, Punks, Goths, Lolita’s, and technicolour hair – anything goes in Harajuku! Stand back and watch or grab some hair dye to get involved!
  • OPTIONAL: Have an authentically Japanese experience at one of the city’s cat cafes.

Day 4: Tokyo

  • For a fresh sushi breakfast, head to the Tsukiji Fish Market. One of the largest fish markets in the world.
  • Attend a sushi workshop to learn how to make sushi and its evolution from a fish preservation technique to a Japanese delicacy.
  • OPTIONAL: Discover the history and spirit of Japanese Samurai at the Samurai Museum. (¥1,800 pp.)
  • OPTIONAL: Visit Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo’s largest and arguably the most beautiful park. To admire the cherry blossoms, the best time to visit is in spring. (¥200 pp.)
  • OPTIONAL: Head to the Robot show to watch robots, ninja’s, and dinosaurs put on an incredible performance! A true once in a lifetime experience. (¥5,000 pp.)

Day 5: Hakone

  • Take the train from Tokyo to Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park – a 60 min journey
  • Your accommodation today will be in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese Inn. The Ryokan is decorated with tatami floor mats and futon beds.
  • OPTIONAL: Check out the beautiful landscape by taking the Hakone Ropeway for an epic cable car journey or boat ride through the national park. On a clear day, get a fantastic view of Mount. Fuji. (¥4,000 pp.)
  • OPTIONAL: Visit an onsen, a Japanese hot spring to relax from a couple of days of travel. (¥1,400 pp.)

Day 6: Kyoto

  • No trip to Japan is complete without a journey on the bullet train. Travel 440 KM from Hakone to Kyoto in under two hours.
  • Wander the hillside streets to the stunning Kiyomizu Dera temple and get a picturesque view of Kyoto.
  • Visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine, an important Shinto shrine in southern Kyoto that is famous for its red vermilion torii gates.
  • Go for sake tasting at the Sake Museum and learn about its history and how it .

Day 7: Kyoto

  • Check out the world-renowned international Manga museum that houses over 300,000 publications.
  • Visit the district of Arashiyama and get lost in the maze of bamboo paths and shrines as you head up to its monkey park. At the top, take in the stunning panoramic view of Kyoto and get-up close and personal with the monkeys.
  • Move on to see the Tenryu-Ji temple, ranked number one of the five great Zen temples in Kyoto’s Arashiyama district.
  • Make sure you visit the Dharma Hall. As you enter the hall, look up to spot the dragon’s eyes on the ceiling – they will follow you everywhere!
  • OPTIONAL: In the evening-head to the karaoke bar and sing your heart out in one of Japans favourite past times. Beware, we are not taking you to any ordinary bar, expect a fun twist to your evening out! (¥350 pp. – 30min).

Day 8: Kyoto

  • Learn the art of Japanese calligraphy in a master run workshop.
  • Roam through Pontocho Alley, full of lanterns and intimate wood-paneled restaurants. Enjoy sake and appreciate the wandering geishas.
  • OPTIONAL: Explore Gion District and go to a traditional Japanese performance at the Gion Corner Theatre. Witness a tea ceremony, Gagaku (court music), Kyōgen (early comic plays), Kyōmai (Kyoto-style dance), and a Bunraku (puppet theatre) show. (¥3,100 pp. and ¥2,200 per child).

Day 9: Kyoto – Hiroshima

  • Start the day with a Zazen meditation session at Daisen-in Temple. Led by a Buddhist Zen monk, the meditation will leave you feeling relaxed and re-energized!
  • After practising Japanese mindfulness, explore the temple and an informal tea ceremony.
  • OPTIONAL: Head to one of the most iconic sites of Kyoto: The Golden Pavilion at the Kinkaku-Ji Zen Buddhist Temple. (¥400 pp.)
  • OPTIONAL: Hire a bike outside the Golden Pavilion and cycle to the Imperial Palace Gardens. This public park is beautifully landscaped around the walls of the palace, with quaint bridges and ponds. (¥1,400 pp.)
  • In the afternoon, jump on the bullet train to Hiroshima – an 111min journey.
  • For dinner, head to an Okonomiyaki restaurant for a classic Hiroshima experience.

Day 10: Hiroshima

  • Learn about Hiroshima’s tragic past at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Its structure was all that was left standing near the hypocenter of the atomic bomb. Find out about the city’s recovery and its pacifist mission for a peaceful and nuclear-free world.
  • Take a short ferry trip to Miyajima and head to Itsukushima shrine, a registered world heritage site. Explore the islands waterfalls and stunning beaches.
  • In the evening, dine at Sushi Tai and order sushi and sashimi for a delicious meal.

Day 11: Osaka

    • Hop on the bullet train to Shin-Osaka – an 88 min journey.
    • Visit Osaka Castle, a famous Japanese landmark that represented the new and unified Japan under Toyotomi  The castle can now be visited as a museum.
    • Let the games begin! Visit a nine-story gaming arcade in the heart of Osaka for a modern Japanese experience.

Day 12: Osaka – Tokyo

  • Say goodbye to your guide before catching your final bullet train back to Tokyo to finish up or continue on your travels!

Departures 2017/2018

Departing Finishing Price Status
30th Mar, 2018 10th Apr, 2018 £1,699 FULLY BOOKED
22nd Jul, 2018 2nd Aug, 2018 £1,599 Available
19th Oct, 2018 30th Oct, 2018 £1,599 Available
27th Mar, 2019 8th Apr, 2019 £1,699 Available
23rd Jul, 2019 3rd Aug, 2018 £1,599 Available
20th Oct, 2019 1st Nov, 2019 £1,599 Available

  • You can join a group on one of these dates. The maximum group size will be 14 people, and prices are based on twin room occupancy. The price is £1,599 per person. Single supplement will be £700.
    Alternatively, you can go for a private tour with the following prices:
        • 3-6 people: from £1,679* odd numbers either travel in a triple or pay £450 single supplement
        • 7-10 people: from £1,479
        • 11-14 people: from £1,309
      • £100 discount for children from 6 to 12 years old at the time of travel.
      • Children from 0 to 5 years travel for £200 per child. Please note this means the child must share the bed with the adult and is not included in any of the workshops.
    The fixed date departures, in 2018, are on:
    • Friday, March 30th
    • Sunday, July 22nd
    • Friday, October 19th
    Our tours can be for an individual family or, boost the fun and drop the price, by joining up with another. We can create trips for any date and can be flexible with timings and locations.
    *During peak season (March, April and August) there will be a surcharge of at least £200 per person depending on the group size. Price includes all transport, accommodation, a guide on specified days (6 days), entrance fees and some activities. International flights and meals are not included in the price. We're confident this is the best value tour on the market.
    • deposit is required to make a reservation, with the balance due one month before departure (unless booking with one of our promotions, for which specific balance due dates may apply). The deposit is £200 per person.
    • Looking for assistance booking pre/post trip accommodation? Just let us know what you need!
    • Bookings must be made at least 90 days before the trip departure
    • All accommodation is in private rooms
    • For more information about the country, see the Japan National Tourism Office website here.

    Activities included in the price:

    • Sushi Making Class
    • Ghibli Museum
    • Daibutsu at Kotoku-In Temple
    • Kiyomizu Dera Temple
    • Calligraphy Class
    • International Manga Museum
    • Fushimi Inari Shrine
    • Sake Museum
    • Monkey Park
    • Tenryu-Ji Temple
    • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum
    • Osaka Castle

To book or find out more, contact us

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