11-day Panda Volunteering Tour | Chengdu - Beijing | The Dragon Trip

11-day Panda Volunteering Tour | Chengdu – Beijing

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8 days / 7 nights - from £1,295

There is no animal on earth quite like the panda. Endangered, massive and incredibly cute! This China trip enables you to get up close and personal with these amazing animals and make a genuine difference to their lives. After your time with the pandas- there are more highlights in store with 6 days on The Dragon Trip. In this time, you’ll see the terracotta warriors, learn kung fu in Shaolin and camp under the stars on the Great Wall of China. If you have any questions or just want to find out more visit our contact us page! 🐼



Day 1: Chengdu

Transfer from your Chengdu hostel to the Dujiangyan Panda Research Centre. Meet the team and begin your panda volunteering orientation.


Day 2-4: Dujiangyan

Now the fun really begins! For the next couple of days you will get the opportunity to work closely with the famous Giant Panda. Prepare food, tend to and feed these magnificent and endangered creatures.


Day 5: Dujiangyan / Chengdu

Say goodbye to the pandas and collect your certificate from the reserve in recognition of your efforts. After lunch, head to Chengdu to meet the rest of your group.


Day 6-7: Xi'an

Arrive in China’s ancient ‘frontier’ city. Stroll the Muslim quarter, barter for souvenirs, cycle the huge, old city walls, and try local delicacies.


Day 8-9: Shaolin

An unforgettable time at the Shaolin temple. Learn about kung fu from a monk and really get to know the locals as you hike and discover this tranquil, ancient place.


Day 10-11: Beijing

Camp out under the stars on a remote section of the Great Wall. After an unforgettable sunrise, head back to the city for more history, culture and food.

Day 1:

Pick up from the hostel and transfer to the Dujiangyan Panda Research centre. Take a tour of your home for the next few days.

Day 2-4:

After breakfast you’ll go straight to the Panda enclosures. First up is helping the rangers to prepare the enclosures before feeding the Pandas themselves. The Pandas like to rest around lunchtime so you can relax, enjoy surroundings and learn more about the animals and how they are looked after. In the afternoon, you’ll help the rangers with their various activities. These include cleaning, feeding Pandas and preparing the Pandas’ evening meals.

Day 5:

Bid a fond farewell to the pandas and be awarded a certificate for your efforts. After lunch, head on over to join your travel group at the hostel. Board the night-train and start your travels around China.

Day 6:

Arrive in Xi’an and explore the city in the afternoon. Cycle the city walls, check out the Muslim Quarter, the spectacularly lit Bell-Drum towers, shop at the markets and enjoy a local dinner.

Day 7:

Another bucket-list destination with a trip to see the infamous Terracotta warriors. In the afternoon, there is a chance to volunteer at a soup kitchen or continue to wander around the city centre.

Day 8:

Travel to Shaolin and have a Kungfu lesson from a master as well as watching a truly incredible Kungfu show in a local children’s home. There’s also a chance to brush up on your Mandarin with a short class.

Day 9:

Visit the Shaolin Temple itself and an amazing hike to Dharma cave with beautiful views of the area’s shrines and temples before heading onto the nation’s capital.

Day 10:

Travel over to the Great Wall via a local farmhouse meal before hiking up to an unrestored section where you’ll pitch camp. Hike, gawp at the view, take in the sunset and prepare yourself for a truly once in a lifetime night, under the stars.

Day 11:

Rise early for an unforgettable sunrise and then return to Beijing. Spend the evening watching a stunning Acrobatic show and Peking Duck dinner.

Optional: Visit the Olympic Bird Nest’s stadium.

Departures 2017/2018

Departing Finishing Price Status
10th Mar, 2018 20th Mar, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
15th Mar, 2018 25th Mar, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
17th Mar, 2018 27th Mar, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
22nd Mar, 2018 1st Apr, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
24th Mar, 2018 3rd Apr, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
5th Apr, 2018 15th Apr, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
7th Apr, 2018 17th Apr, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
14th Apr, 2018 24th Apr, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
19th Apr, 2018 29th Apr, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
26th Apr, 2018 6th May, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
5th May, 2018 15th May, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
12th May, 2018 22nd May, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
19th May, 2018 29th May, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
24th May, 2018 3rd Jun, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
26th May, 2018 5th Jun, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
31st May, 2018 10th Jun, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
2nd Jun, 2018 12th Jun, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
7th Jun, 2018 17th Jun, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
9th Jun, 2018 19th Jun, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
14th Jun, 2018 24th Jun, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
23rd Jun, 2018 3rd Jul, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
30th Jun, 2018 10th Jul, 2018 £1,295 FULLY BOOKED
5th Jul, 2018 15th Jul, 2018 £1,295
7th Jul, 2018 17th Jul, 2018 £1,295
12th Jul, 2018 22nd Jul, 2018 £1,295
19th Jul, 2018 29th Jul, 2018 £1,295
21st Jul, 2018 31st Jul, 2018 £1,295
26th Jul, 2018 5th Aug, 2018 £1,295
28th Jul, 2018 7th Aug, 2018 £1,295
4th Aug, 2018 14th Aug, 2018 £1,295
9th Aug, 2018 19th Aug, 2018 £1,295
11th Aug, 2018 21st Aug, 2018 £1,295
18th Aug, 2018 28th Aug, 2018 £1,295
25th Aug, 2018 4th Sep, 2018 £1,295
1st Sep, 2018 11th Sep, 2018 £1,295
6th Sep, 2018 16th Sep, 2018 £1,295
8th Sep, 2018 18th Sep, 2018 £1,295
15th Sep, 2018 25th Sep, 2018 £1,295
20th Sep, 2018 20th Sep, 2018 £1,295
22nd Sep, 2018 2nd Oct, 2018 £1,295
29th Sep, 2018 9th Oct, 2018 £1,295
4th Oct, 2019 14th Oct, 2018 £1,295
6th Oct, 2018 16th Oct, 2018 £1,295
11th Oct, 2018 21st Oct, 2018 £1,295
13th Oct, 2018 23rd Oct, 2018 £1,295
20th Oct, 2018 30th Oct, 2018 £1,295
27th Oct, 2018 6th Nov, 2018 £1,295
3rd Nov, 2018 13th Nov, 2018 £1,295
14th Mar, 2019 24th Mar, 2019 £1,295
16th Mar, 2019 26th Mar, 2019 £1,295
21st Mar, 2019 31st Mar, 2019 £1,295
23rd Mar, 2019 2nd Apr, 2019 £1,295
28th Mar, 2019 7th Apr, 2019 £1,295
4th Apr, 2019 14th Apr, 2019 £1,295
6th Apr, 2019 16th Apr, 2019 £1,295
13th Apr, 2019 23rd Apr, 2019 £1,295
18th Apr, 2019 28th Apr, 2019 £1,295
25th Apr, 2019 5th May, 2019 £1,295
30th May, 2019 9th Jun, 2019 £1,295
1st Jun, 2019 11th Jun, 2019 £1,295
6th Jun, 2019 16th Jun, 2019 £1,295
8th Jun, 2019 18th Jun, 2019 £1,295
13th Jun, 2019 23rd Jun, 2019 £1,295
22nd Jun, 2019 2nd Jul, 2019 £1,295
29th Jun, 2019 9th Jul, 2019 £1,295
4th Jul, 2019 14th Jul, 2019 £1,295
6th Jul, 2019 16th Jul, 2019 £1,295
11th Jul, 2019 21st Jul, 2019 £1,295
18th Jul, 2019 28th Jul, 2019 £1,295
20th Jul, 2019 30th Jul, 2019 £1,295
25th Jul, 2019 4th Aug, 2019 £1,295
27th Jul, 2019 6th Sep, 2019 £1,295
3rd Aug, 2019 13th Aug, 2019 £1,295
8th Aug, 2019 18th Aug, 2019 £1,295
10th Aug, 2019 20th Aug, 2019 £1,295
15th Aug, 2019 25th Aug, 2019 £1,295
17th Aug, 2019 27th Aug, 2019 £1,295
24th Aug, 2019 3rd Sep, 2019 £1,295
31st Aug, 2019 10th Sep, 2019 £1,295
5th Sep, 2019 15th Sep, 2019 £1,295
7th Sep, 2019 17th Sep, 2019 £1,295
14th Sep, 2019 24th Sep, 2019 £1,295
19th Sep, 2019 29th Sep, 2019 £1,295
21st Sep, 2019 1st Oct, 2019 £1,295
28th Sep, 2019 8th Oct, 2019 £1,295
5th Oct, 2019 15th Oct, 2019 £1,295
10th Oct, 2019 20th Oct, 2019 £1,295
12th Oct, 2019 22nd Oct, 2019 £1,295
19th Oct, 2019 29th Oct, 2019 £1,295
26th Oct, 2019 5th Nov, 2019 £1,295
2nd Nov, 2019 12th Nov, 2019 £1,295

Guest information

  • Project Start Date: Selected Thursdays and Saturday
  •  Project Location: Dujiangyan City (approx. 40 miles from Chengdu)
  • Getting There: Pick-up from Mrs Panda Hostel in Chengdu, transfer to project and transport throughout included
  • Accommodation: Single room or twin room accommodation at Panda Centre (4 nts), hostels & guesthouses (4 nts), tent on Great Wall (1 nt), sleeping berth on overnight train (1 nt)
  • Meals: 3 breakfasts
  • Notes: All bedding, sleeping bags and mats provided during Great Wall camping

Price includes:

  • Bilingual Adventure Leaders
  • Accommodation (hostels, guest houses, camping (1 night))
  • Transport within China
  • Loads of fantastic, activities, camping under the stars on a remote section of the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and much more.
Please note: Accommodation is single rooms as a standard. Upgrade options to twin rooms are available for the same price per person- please contact us for more information. All our hostels have WIFI.


  • A deposit is required to make a reservation, with the balance due one month prior to departure (unless booking with one of our promotions, for which specific balance due dates may apply). The deposit is £200 GBP / $300 USD / $300 AUD / €300 EUR.
  • For customers making payment from the UK: please note that when you are making a payment into our US dollar account you must request your bank to send the money directly to our US dollar account at HSBC UK. Otherwise they may use an intermediary bank resulting in an added wiring fee charged to you of $25.00.
  • Late booking customers must understand that they may be sat separately from the rest of the group on trains, and may have to be booked into a separate dorm room. No bookings can be accepted within 18 days of a trip departure date.

Upgrades & Extras

  • Need hostels booked for after your trip ends? We are more than happy to help - just let us know what you need!
  • If you would like to alter your trip itinerary from the one provided to you by us then please let us know more than 30 days before your trip departs so that we can make your trip the perfect one for you! When you let us know that means we can relay all information to our on the ground staff and make the appropriate arrangements. Some such requests from previous Dragon Trippers are: I would like to skip Macau and go directly to Hong Kong from Fujian, I don’t need accommodation in Shanghai because I am staying with a friend, I would not like to camp on the wall and instead want to stay in regular accommodation, I would like to take a flight instead of a train for certain legs of the trip. Please let us know more than 30 days in advance. If you do not let us know in advance The Dragon Trip will not be responsible for assisting you, or for providing reimbursement for accommodations or transportation not used.
  • Room and train upgrades for this route are available. Room upgrade requests must be communicated to the Dragon Trip before the start of the trip. Customers wishing to upgrade once the trip has started must do so independently. Train upgrades are unavailable once train tickets have been booked, train upgrades only apply to over-night trains.
  • Train upgrades cost GBP 70 per person.
  • The Dragon Trip provides, upon request, airport transfers. The price is GBP 30 for a pick up and GBP 30 for a drop-off. This will be in private transportation (up to 4 PAX). This service is available from and to the following airport locations: Guilin, Chengdu, Xian, Beijing, and Shanghai.


  • You will receive a wristband which will have a phone number on it for you to call in emergencies.
  • All train tickets in China must be purchased through a central booking centre which means there is always a small chance that you may not be seated together with the person that you have booked the tour together with. If you or your PAX has a seat that is not next to the group’s our Adventure Leaders have a process to help you switch your tickets, so that you are seated next to the group. (In some train stations, the Adventure Leader will be able to board the train even when they won’t be travelling themselves. In this case, they will switch you or your PAXs tickets with a local so that Dragon Trippers can sit together. In the case that our Adventure Leader cannot board the train, they will be able to explain in Mandarin over the phone to a conductor, or directly to a local passenger to help switch seats so that Dragon Trippers may be seated together.)

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