Southeast Asia Tours | 2019-2020 | The Dragon Trip

South East Asia Adventures

Join us for a South East Asia adventure- where we’ll take  you to places only those in the know go.

Travel the real South East Asia

Dreaming of boat tripping between Cambodia’s deserted islands, touring the majesty of Halong Bay or gazing in wonder at Angkor Wat? Our tours of Southeast Asia are for travellers willing to delve a little deeper and immerse themselves in more than the major tourist sites. With us, you’ll traverse land and sea – journeying through the night on sleeper trains, sliding down waterfalls and rafting the Mae Tang River to experience places and people that you’d never otherwise meet. From 13 day highlight tours that pack in all the sights, sounds and delicious smells of Thailand and Laos, through to full 31 days of extensive exploration deep into the heart of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam – your Dragon Trip tour will take you from nights spent amidst Thailand’s treetops to Vietnamese tribal villages – and beyond.

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