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Southeast Asia is the modern day hotspot for travelling and it’s easy to understand why. From the serenity of its mountainous tribal-settlements to the bustling markets of its cities, it’s a true travellers’ region. Stay in tree-top settlements in Thailand, wander through ancient temples in Cambodia, swim in the waterfalls of Laos, and stay in tribal villages in Vietnam. Our tours allow you to immerse yourself in Southeast Asia, combining the world-famous sights with areas untouched by travellers – giving you an adventure you’ll never forget.

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Southeast Asia Adventures



31 DAYS | Fully embrace the Southeast Asian sub-continent on our 31-day adventure tour. This jam-packed trip mixes the famous sights with the hidden gems.



12 DAYS | Short on time, but keen to travel? Head to backpacking paradise and enjoy a broad range of activities and cultural experiences with like minded-peers.



21 DAYS | Explore ancient ruins in Siem Reap, stay in a tribal homestay in Sa Pa, and snorkel amidst bio-luminescent plankton in Koh Rong. Experiences that will stay with you forever.

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From our latest adventures

TOUR LAUNCH| Designing our Southeast Asia Adventure Tour

We’re really excited about the launch of our Southeast Asia Adventure Trip; we’ve found a whole load of things we think people need to experience (and the famous sights we knew we couldn’t leave out). We sat down to chat with Will, one of the architects of our trip to learn about how he planned it.

TOUR LAUNCH| Laos literacy boosted by backpacking tours

The Dragon Trip’s tours are certainly in the “tour” category rather than the “volunteer” one but we are always on the look out for projects that can benefit the local community. We have one such experience on our new Southeast Asian backpacker tour that seeks to confront the issues with literacy and English in Laos.