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Designing our Southeast Asia Adventure Tour | Tour Launch

We’re really excited about the launch of our Southeast Asia Adventure Tours; we’ve found a whole load of things we think people need to experience (and the famous sights we knew we couldn’t leave out). We sat down to chat with Will, one of the architects of our trip, to learn about how he planned it and why it’s the best Southeast Asia adventure you can have.


First things first, why did you want to make the trip?

It’s one of the most popular travel routes in the world. In fact, it’s the exact same route that gave me the travel bug many moons ago! I’m travel obsessed these days and I wanted to make a trip which showed people both Southeast Asia’s highlights and its hidden treasures – that’s what travel is all about for me.


You’re a well-travelled man, what makes Southeast Asia special?

I think it is the fact that it really ticks all the boxes. You have mountains, beaches, crazy cities, great food and has the buzz and excitement of a region still growing.


What’s your personal favourite point on the tour?

My personal favourite, now that’s hard. It would have to be a toss-up between the tree top village in Chiang Dao and the village stay in the Sapa mountains. These are both great experiences with local communities, and for me it’s an opportunity to meet old friends and learn more about the way of life.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when designing it?

I think it was what to cut back, there is a lot to do and many great sights to see. When designing the trip you have to be conscious of the trip as a whole, and resist getting trapped into one beautiful area that you fall for. People come with us for an adventure and making sure we do that is a priority!


Which country do you think will surprise people most when they visit?

I think Vietnam is where people will thrill and surprise people the most. It is where we spend the most amount of time, and it’s becoming the hotspot for people to visit. The Dragon Trip ethos is about taking you off-the-beaten-track – and we’re really satisfied with the balance between buzzing and untouched locations we managed to find in Vietnam.


What’s the most relaxing point on the tour?

I think Hoi An ancient town in Vietnam is the most relaxing place, there are a few beaches nearby, but it is the ancient town with its charm where you can just relax and see paper lanterns light up the sky which I enjoy most.


What’s the most exciting?

People will love the adventure around Koh Rong Island. Once people get to a beach they usually don’t move, but this fantastic boat trip around the island topped with a night in hammocks next to plankton illuminating water will be an unforgettable experience.


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