International students making waves in Chengdu! | The Dragon Trip

International students making waves in Chengdu!

In November this year, GEMS World Academy Dubai joined The Dragon Trip on a CAS trip to Chengdu in Sichuan province. During their time in China the students volunteered at a school for migrant children and their efforts attracted the attention of the local Chinese media!

22 international students, originating from 11 different countries, spent the day at a school for migrant children. They played sport, practiced their English and Chinese, ate together, laughed together and exchanged gifts.

GEMS students and Chinese students having fun in the playground!


The Chinese students were thrilled to welcome their international guests! The 7th graders said they had never met so many foreigners before and the visit “felt like a festival!”

So why should you include a visit to a migrant school in your international school trip? These institutions are established for the families of the workers who migrate to China’s big cities. Children of migrant families often find it difficult to enter the normal schooling system. Their temporary residential status, cultural differences and the disparities in the rural and urban education systems all affect their chances of getting a top-class education. As a result migrant schools are often overcrowded and lack the necessary resources to handle the unique needs of China’s floating population.

International school trip volunteering in school
Students practicing english and Chinese in the classroom


That is why some not-for-profit organisations have stepped in to help. The representative of the organisation who joined GEMS World Academy on their visit remarked “We hope foreign volunteers will be the key that can open the door to the rest of the world for migrant children. Volunteers’ behaviour, the way they speak and their culture is exactly what children at this age want and need to learn about.”

migrant school volunteering trip
Swapping gifts on the playground


We are ecstatic to hear that our young dragons are really making a difference in the community and commanding the attention of the local people! They obviously made an important and lasting impression!

Interested in organising a CAS trip to a migrant school? Take a look at our 8 day Outdoor Education & Service Trip in Sichuan for more details!



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