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India Adventures

Join us on our unforgettable India tours, packed with all your top India bucket list experiences!

Travel the real India

Dive into the rich, vibrant and diverse culture of India with our all-encompassing tours. Create memories you’ll never forget watching the sun rise over the Taj Mahal, camping in the desert on a Camel Safari and relaxing on gorgeous Goan beaches. From bustling cities to rural villages, our Adventure Leaders take you off-the-beaten-track as you explore all that India has to offer.

Our tours take you to awe-inspiring locations, guaranteed to make your Instagram followers jealous! But we also go one step further, taking you where other tours won’t. With us, you’ll delve deep into local communities, mix up a storm in a traditional cooking class, volunteer at an animal rescue, and give a local temple’s elephant a bath in the Tungabhadra River.

From our north and south highlight tours that pack in all the must-see sights, to our extensive 26-day India tour, your Dragon Trip adventure is guaranteed to be packed full of excitement, unforgettable experiences and of course, delicious food!

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