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Join us on our unforgettable China tours, packed with all your top China bucket list experiences!

9-day Beijing to Shanghai Tour

25-day China Loop

18-day Shanghai Loop

16-day Hong Kong Loop

15-day Hong Kong to Beijing Tour

8-day Hong Kong to Chengdu Tour

12-day Panda Volunteer & Travel

12-day China Family Adventure Tour

Camp on The Great Wall – China Extra

Travel the real China

City slicker? Check. Nature lover? Check. Foodie?… You get the drift. Our China tours are jam-packed with experiences you’ll never forget. Hike the Great Wall at sunrise, stroll the streets of the Forbidden City, burn your mouth with our spicy Sichuan hot pot challenge and experience the serenity of the Yulong River with a traditional bamboo raft cruise.

Our tours offer you the chance to tick off China’s classic experiences, but we want you to do more than just take home the T-shirt. So we’ll take you where other tours won’t. Join us at a local children’s home run by the Shaolin Temple, where monks – experts in martial arts – train the children to be the next kung fu masters. Or pull up a seat in the home of your local adventure leader, where you’ll be treated to a REAL Chinese meal (the non-takeaway kind!) amongst friends.

On top of this, we’ll teach you Mandarin, with lessons en route that will help you understand more, read more, experience more and see a side of China that we’re betting your friends, or Instagram followers, haven’t.

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