How to learn Mandarin while backpacking in China | The Dragon Trip

How to learn Mandarin while backpacking in China | Expert Travel Tips

We recently spoke to the co-founder and managing director of The Chairman’s Bao, Sean McGibney, who gave us some insight about how the Chinese language learning platform works and how to utilise it while backpacking in China.



What is The Chairman’s Bao?

The Chairman’s Bao [TCB] is the most comprehensive online news-based graded reader for students of Chinese. We publish over 1,600 lessons each year and now have a library of over 4,500 lessons from beginner to advanced level.

TCB is the perfect language-learning travel companion, with bite-sized lessons that are perfect for time-limited study on the move. It’s a great option for backpackers who want to learn the language while they are exploring China. You can test yourself with lessons from HSK levels 1-6+, across a wide choice of topics to suit all interests.


How does it work?

Our cross-platform study is facilitated through our website and app for iOS and Android, meaning that you can study wherever you have an internet connection.

The platform is jam-packed with tools that will not only help your Chinese reading, but also develop your listening, writing, and even speaking skills. These include a Live Dictionary, Learning Hub for Vocab Study, Stroke Order Animation and Character Writing tools, graded, spoken audio, as well as many more.


How can people access TCB?

We offer one sample lesson at each HSK level unlocked to all users at all times, however, we also offer a paid subscription service which gives full access to all new and historic lessons. Download our app today to enjoy a free trial period on us!

If you send an email to referencing “Dragon Trip”, we will also provide you with a special coupon to save 25% on an initial transaction amount to subscribe through the website.

Best of luck in your studies from all of us at Team TCB!


Want to book a trip to China so you can practise your Mandarin while you’re there? Take a look at our 2019 tour dates for our 25-day China Loop, our 15-day Half China Loop and more! Or send us a message in the chat box below.


Published 30th November 2018


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